Boys and Girls 3-5 Years old

Kindergym (Ages 3 to 5) (Co-Ed and Boys Only Options available)

This class is 45 minutes in duration. Our kindergym course is for young boys and girls who have energy to spare. In a fun, stimulating and safe environment, children will begin to build the basic skills needed to enter into the recreational or developmental programs. This class will encourage children’s' listening and attention skills as well as develop coordination, body and spatial awareness, and strength and flexibility. Your child will be encouraged to pursue skills they are comfortable doing and to try new things. This class will help develop your child's social and interaction skills as well as the foundational skills needed for other sports or activities later in life.

Kinder Bounce (Ages 3 to 5) (Co-Ed)

An introductory trampoline class for children ages 4-6 to explore fundamental trampoline skills including shape jumps and basic drops. 

Note: Subsidized fees: For those wishing to enroll but unable to afford our registration fees, we do offer, with financial support from the Kitchener Sports association, subsidized fees and/or payment terms. There are also several sources offering direct individual support, e.g. JumpStartKidSport, OutReach, etc.

If you require assistance, please contact us for more information.