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Adaptive Gymnastics

Classes for children with physical, cognitive, social & developmental needs.
Adaptive athlete on the mushroom

Your child will:

  • Increase Body Awareness

  • Enhance Gross & Fine Motor Control

  • Achieve success with personal goals

  • Experience Joy, Freedom, and Belonging

Adaptive athlete bouncing on the trampoline

Your child will continually develop while participating in fun and healthy exercise, with our experienced coaches.

With our adaptive program we empower children to engage and believe that anything is possible.

Coaches and athletes are specifically matched based on abilities and personalities.

Adaptive athlete jumping into the foam pit
Adaptive athlete high fiving his coach

KWGC is one of the only gymnastics clubs in the region that offers an adaptive program. We welcome and support all.

Adaptive athlete having fun on the bars
Adaptive athletes on balance beam
Adaptive athlete on parallel bars

For more information please contact our Adaptive Coordinator at

Where everyone learns to feel free...

Adaptive athlete on the climbing wall
Inclusive hand print
Adaptive coach and athlete

Note: Subsidized fees: For those wishing to enroll but unable to afford our registration fees, we do offer, with financial support from the Kitchener Sports association, subsidized fees and/or payment terms. There are also several sources offering direct individual support, e.g. JumpStartKidSport, OutReach, etc.

If you require assistance, please contact us for more information.

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