COVID Protocol

Employee Guidelines

  • Staff will be required to complete the Ministry self-assessment online prior to coming to work each day.

  • All staff will be required to complete the screening process upon arriving at the gym.

  • Staff will have limited direct physical contact with athletes (spotting is limited to the necessity for safety reasons)

  • Staff are prepared to enforce all distancing protocols (6-foot requirement).

  • Staff will adhere to any and all PPE requirements that are set

Building Preparation

  • We are using recommended products effective against Covid-19 for cleaning throughout the building prior to opening and throughout each day (Vital Oxide will be used)

  • All surface areas will be disinfected/sanitized multiple times daily

  • A Fogger has been purchased; fogging will take place daily

  • HVAC unit has been serviced, filters replaced have been upgraded to MERV 13

  • Drinking fountains are covered and students are encouraged to bring water bottles.

  • All Change rooms are closed

  • All athletes are to come prepared to participate in class

  • All of your child’s belongings: water bottle, face mask, easy to put on shoes, bag (for all personal belongings)   

  • EAP has been reviewed and adjusted to address staff procedures related to first aid (PPE requirements etc.)

Entering the Building

  • Drop Off / Pick Up at your assigned entry door during your Check In Window. 

  • Masks are required for entry into the building and in common spaces.

  • Online Screening forms should be completed a minimum of 30minutes prior to arrival the same day as your class

  • A temperature check of all participants prior to entering the building

  • No parent or guardians are permitted in the building as spectators 

  • Any participant that fails the screening test will not be permitted to enter the facility

  • Participants will be required to sanitize/wash hands upon entering the facility

  • All participants will be required to complete the Gymnastics Ontario Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement and the Declaration of Compliance form prior to their first class

  • Athletes are encouraged to use the washroom at home prior to arrival

Each athlete is required to bring one bag that is large enough for all clothing, shoes, and personal supplies including:

  • A personal water bottle

  • Additional Hair Elastics

  • Face mask

  • Easy to put on shoes

Prior to Class

What to Bring to Class

After Class

  • Athletes will be escorted by staff to the side entrance (maintaining social distancing requirements) and be released to their parent(s)

  • Staff will be keeping attendance records which also indicate the duration of training and number of participants

  • Employees will begin disinfecting/sanitizing all areas of the gym immediately to get ready for the next groups

Additional Policies/Practices

  • Absences – please ensure that you notify your coach if your son/daughter is unable to attend classes.

  • Late Arrival – participants who arrive at the gym 5 minutes after the start of their class will not be permitted to join the class that day.

  • First Aid Procedures – personal coaches will manage the first aid requirements of their participants; if the injury is more severe the Supervisor will be called on to assist; parents will be informed and where needed an ambulance will be called.
    If your child is injured and requires your assistance:
    Only 1 parent may enter the facility
    A mask must be worn
    An expedited screening process will take place prior to your entry to the building