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Financial Assistance

Funding Partners:

KidSport: Up to $400 once per year. No age requirements. Funding for CLASSES ONLY, no camps/PD day care. Please note, parent participation classes are not eligible for KidSport Funding.

Jumpstart: Up to $300 funding for camps or classes (4-18yrs old). Program must be a minimum of 5 weeks in length or 5 consecutive days of camp.

City of Waterloo Fee Assistance: Up to $300 annually.

City of Kitchener Leisure Access Card: If you have been declined by both KidSport and Jumpstart but have qualified for a City of Kitchener Leisure Access Card, you are eligible to receive a 50% discount off our class fee. You must provide proof that you have been declined from both Kidsport and Jumpstart in order to receive the Leisure Access Card discount. Parent Participation classes automatically do not qualify for Jumpstart and Kidsport and can therefore use the City of Kitchener Leisure Access Card.

Other Partners:

  • Extend-A-Family

  • House of Friendship

Financial Assistance For Winter 2024 Session

  1. BEFORE you apply for funding you must sign up for a class on JackRabbit. In order to apply for funding you will need the specific class information such as dates and exact costs. The exact costs that you can apply for include the cost of the class and the required $50 annual Gymnastics Ontario fee.

  2. Once you have registered for a class, apply for funding right away. Please make sure that we know you are applying for funding by filling out this form.

  3. If you are applying to KidSport/Jumpstart please forward your confirmation email to

  4. Once you receive approval of funding, forward the email to us at

  5. If we have not received your approval of funding on or before Decemer 22, 2023 your child will be removed from the Fall session. In this case, you are welcome to register again for the Spring session.

Please note: If you are using financial assistance dollars we must be made aware of it at the time of registration. If you do not notify us or if you apply for funding after the session has begun the dollars cannot be used for those classes.

*** Financial Assistance must be requested at the time of registration. ***

KWGC Bursary Program


  • Maximum $80,000 combined household income*

  • Enrolled in eligible program (Competitive, Parent Tot, Camp)

*Participants over the age of 18 will be considered as a single adult (parental income not to be included/considered in application process) unless in a common law or marital partnership.



What Bursary Funds cannot be used for:
☒ General Boutique Swag / Gym Suits
☒ Private Lessons
☒ Special Events (Birthday Parties, Drop-Ins, Monthly Passes, etc.)
☒ Gymnastics Ontario Insurance Fee
☒ LIT and CIT programs

Application & Submission

  1. Download the application for the grant program

  2. Family / Athlete to complete application and include all supporting documents

  3. Email completed application and documentation to

    Application Forms (Click to Download)

*If eligible for KidSport / Jumpstart funding, these applications should be applied for prior to applying for KWGC bursary.

 Application Periods

Competitive Tuition

July 1st - August 20th
*Applications for the 2023-2024 season will open be open December 1st - 15th and will cover January - June Tuition

Competitive One-Time

  • Fall: September 1st - 10th

  • Winter: January 1st - 10th

  • Spring: April 1st - 10th 

Recreation (Camp/Parent Tot)

First Day of Registration - 30 Days prior to the first day of class. 

*Winter 2024 Class Applications Open November 13th-15th and Close December 11th, 2023


​KidSportKW will be reviewing eiligibility and issuing approvals of grant applications. 
KWGC will not recieve any information from the application or supporting documentation. We will only be notified of those approved for a grant and the total amount approved.

KWGC will apply a credit to the family account in the full amount approved to be applied to the outstanding balance of tuition or other eligible fees.

Questions about our Bursary Program?​

​Email us:

Parent Tot
& Camp

10% Tuition

$250 One Time

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