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What is Leader in Training (LIT)

  • A leadership program that explores different topics in each session.

  • The program has 6 different modules that are covered over a two-year period.

  • Participants can move in and out of the program at any point during the two-year module cycle.

  • LIT explores concepts of Leadership Styles, People Management, Planning, Responsibility, Creativity, Communication.

  • This course offers an opportunity to develop leadership skills not only in gymnastics but in sport and the community.

How old do I have to be a LIT?

11-15 years old

What is Coach in Training (CIT)

  • The coach training program is for individuals 14-18 years of age without prior gymnastics coaching certification.

  • This program is your first step to becoming a gymnastics coach.

  • Throughout this program, participants will focus on the educational philosophy of gymnastics and learning how to teach athletes.

  • The CIT course contains both in class and on the floor mentorship components.

  • While enrolled in the course participants are considered a pre-CIT and will have the opportunity to experience what it's like to be a recreational gymnastics coach.

  • Participants who successfully complete the course may have the opportunity to join the staff team as a CIT and continue their on the floor mentorship before taking the NCCP Foundations program.

When is CIT offered?

Once per calendar year (check the parent portal and our social media to see if we have one happening soon!)

How old do I have to be a CIT?

14+ years old

Have more questions about either of these programs?


Contact our Recreation Program Director

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