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MAG Programs


Training Commitment: 4 - 12 hrs/week

This program is aimed for athletes 5 to 8 years old. This program is in place for talented young athletes who exhibit above average physical potential, focus, drive for continuous improvement, and strong listening skills. Children are normally selected from various programs within the club.

The goal of the program is to provide structured gymnastics with each child learning concepts of fitness. By doing this we develop the child’s strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, concentration, body awareness and agility. This prepares the gymnast’s body to learn and acquire the basic fundamental skills and shapes on each event. Every child develops at their own pace over the season, thus allowing them to reach their own goals in a positive environment. It is very important to us that we also help to develop their enthusiasm for the sport, as well as, their confidence and self esteem while at the same time helping them to develop good listening skills, work habits, and attentiveness.


Training Commitment: 8 - 12 hrs/week

Gymnasts from 9+ years old are selected for this program to compete at regional invitational competitions. This program serves as a pathway to the competitive program and as an option for athletes to train and compete with a decreased training commitment.


Training Commitment: 16 - 20 hrs/week

Gymnasts from 9+ years old are selected to prepare for more challenging and demanding gymnastics, competing in the Gymnastics Ontario Provincial Cups & Provincial Championships. Athletes in this program will progress through provincial and national categories as they work hard to acquire the necessary skills.


National/High Performance

Training Commitment: 22 hrs +/week

The National program is the highest level program within the club with strict standards of acceptance. Participants are selected by invitation only. Athletes are aged 9+ and train 22+ hours per week. The number of competitions an athlete attends yearly is dependent upon their competition level.


Although demanding, the program is well balanced and the development of skills and abilities is done in a positive and safe environment.


For more information or for inquiries about evaluations, e-mail

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