Babies 8 months to 24 months

Babynastics (Ages 8 months to 12 months)

This class is 30 minutes in duration. Our babynastics provides a strong foundation for physical literacy. This interactive class is designed to encourage balance, flexibility and strength through movement, motion, and exploration using modified equipment. Whether or not your baby is crawling, there are activities to motivate and challenge. Caregivers and children are guided through gentle activities, and will be introduced to the concepts of rolling, swinging, balancing and bouncing. 

Parent and Tot (Ages 12 months to 3)

This class is 45 minutes in duration. Our parent and tot class is the perfect class to encourage bonding between parent and child. Each parent may only be accompanied by one child. In a fun, stimulating and safe environment, children will begin to build coordination, strength, body awareness and flexibility. With the assistance of a parent, children will play in an organized setting meant to encourage confidence growth. Children are encouraged by their parents and the coach to try new, basic skills such as jumping, running and walking on their toes.

Note: Subsidized fees: For those wishing to enroll but unable to afford our registration fees, we do offer, with financial support from the Kitchener Sports association, subsidized fees and/or payment terms. There are also several sources offering direct individual support, e.g. JumpStartKidSport, OutReach, etc.

If you require assistance, please contact us for more information.